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"Write Your Own Income-Generating How-To Books Today!
It's INSANE...5 Experts Share How Writing Books Changed Their Lives Forever!

"Discover Where The Money Is With Writing Books...And How YOU Can Get It!

Dear Friend:

How do you write books that customers want to buy? Books, ebooks, booklets, audios that achieve such a MASSIVE impact that they take on a life of their own -- and not only fill your inbox with orders, but create a name for yourself that you can turn into a lifetime of value.

You already know that the BIG money goes to those who write and sell their own income-generating how-to books - sometimes called information products.

BUT WAIT! -- do you get the feeling that the "experts" making money writing how-to books are holding back!


That they aren't telling you the full story on how you can write your own hot selling books, eBooks, booklets, special reports, or other information-based products?

What's more, who are the "experts"?

Who do you believe?

Listen, it's not enough to give theory, opinion and unproven advice -- you want actual examples and tips, techniques and strategies that are based on real facts!

It's like...

You see that shiny new Juaguar,
But you don't have the keys!

Let me lay it out for you, every single product I've ever read on writing income producing how-to books is missing CRITICAL INFORMATION you need to succeed online:

1. Their "theory" is NOT backed by results...

2. They tell you WHAT to do without telling you HOW to do it!

Do You Know How VALUABLE
Your Information Really Is?

People WANT your information.

People WILL PAY YOU for information.

People are HUNGRY - even STARVING for information.

Well guess what? You have something people want, something people will pay you for.

What kinds of information?

I've spent over 8-years helping individuals design, develop, write and market information books, reports, courses, workshops - and I STILL can't believe the incredible opportunity that lies in front of you!

You already know that business and health books are great sellers...

What you may NOT know is that there are literally thousands of HOT niche market areas each with a pool of hungry buyers just waiting to order your written book.

For example, here's 10 simple examples of topics for recent money-making how-to books, or audios:

  • Horse training
  • Training parrots
  • Travel tour tapes - a walk through your city
  • Holding productive meetings
  • Making money with your video camera
  • How to play guitar ebooks
  • How to survive divorce
  • Securing your computer
  • Themed cookbooks
  • Car buying secrets

Look At This! Does This Seem Reasonable?

Why not look at a few very reasonable examples of writing books and marketing them yourself.

Let's say you write 1 Special Report, eBook, course or audio interview that sells for the very low price of $27...

Daily Orders

Monthly Revenue

Yearly Revenue



















Of course, I can't tell if YOU will make less or more than this.

These are not guaranteed profits - there are no such guarantees in life or in ANY business.

However, do keep in mind that...

1. There are people who are making profits in excess of what you see here, and...

2. With this information - you increase your chances of achieving higher sales because you can quickly generate MULTIPLE profit producing infoproducts increasing the overall number you sell over time.

After 8-years creating and marketing millions of dollars worth of products, consulting with clients, building a newsletters list of over 6,000 subscribers who's goal it is to write a book, GET THIS...

I Have Yet To Come Across Anyone Who Doesn't Have, At Least One, Income-Generating How-To Book Idea Within Them!

It gets even better, after meeting almost every "expert" infoproduct writer, here's a few amazing qualities that may shock you...

  • They ARE NOT professional writers - many could barely write their own name!
  • They ARE NOT great speakers or communicators
  • They are definitely NOT the "brightest bulb in the socket" - if you know what I mean.
  • They DID start from scratch - from just where you may be today and built their very own infoproduct empire in less than 24-short months!
Do you know what that means? Content matters more than style and chances are, you have the content you need to write a book right NOW!

What you do need to understand is...

  • How to tell if your idea will feed a rabid, hungry market and...
  • Exactly how to write and market infoproducts for maximum profit!


Your teleseminar on "How To Create And Market Information Products" is a pure goldmine of cutting edge know how.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to discover the REAL way to earn a living with simple homemade info products.

By the way, the extra "bonuses" ALONE are worth the entire price of the teleseminar! Incredible job. Well done my friend. "

Gary Baker

Question You Want Answered Is...
Can YOU Do It TOO?

OK, here's a story you will find interesting. My first solo infoproduct came from an outline of a book I literally had in my head for 5-years!

Isn't that amazing?

I was so paralyzed with fear that my idea was bad, that it wouldn't sell, that my ego would be bashed and that I would have to settle for my lousy corporate job for the rest of my pathetic life!

Wow - sounds sad doesn't it?

But you know what, back then I thought I was alone, only to find out a year later that hundreds of thousands of people - probably more - suffer the same paralysis.

WAIT, before you shed a tear, the story has a happy ending - and so can yours.

Want to know what my turning point was?

I turned the corner from 9-5 corporate slave to happy, free and self-employed when I learned one very important thing:

Thousands of markets are starving for information
now - if you don't give it to them, someone else will!
You may not think people will buy your information, your knowledge, or your experiences -- but time and time again people just like you have been SHOCKED by the value of information they already have.

It's like discovering a new planet - it's been there for millions of years, but we just up and discover it one day.

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could find that POWER, to finally UNLOCK THE wealth generation potential within yourself?

Isn't that what you REALLY WANT..

Seriously, are you looking to put an end to the dreaming, wishing, hoping, wondering and replace them with knowing, understanding, acting and living the life you know is possible - but has seemed just out of reach until now?

If You Want To Write A Book, This Was
the Teleseminar of the Decade!

5 Proven Experts How-To Book Writers Share Intimate Details of Their Personal Success Formula For Writing Books That Produce High-Profit And Sell Like Wildfire!

It started off with a bang when the very first question was "Is It Better To Sell Your Own Infoproducts To Your List or Sell Through Affiliate Programs?"

2-AMAZING HOURS later, the pros were exhausted after answering hard-hitting question after question on EXACTLY what YOU need to make write and marketing your own books WORK!

What was to be a 60-minute, run of the mill teleseminar turned into something EXTRAORDINARY.

Jeff Smith along with internet marketing legends Tony Blake (of the Tony Blake Entrepreneur's Forum), Willie Crawford, Michael Green and Gary Knuckles joined a motivated, excited and curious crowd continued to dish out secret after secret, hot tip after hot tip, proven technique after proven technique running well over 2-hours!!

It was a great crowd that asked dozens of hard-hitting questions forcing every successful product developers to leave their BS at home and give you the real details of how they got there".

Here's just a sampling of valuable information given...

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes How to make write a book and marketing infoproducts even easier, and far more profitable than anyone imagined.
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Access 5 of the most brilliant minds, capable of creating income-generating infoproducts within hours and selling them for years - find out how they do it!
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Listen as the pros expose trade secrets to magically converting your knowledge into profitable how-to books over and over again.
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Access EXCLUSIVE, closed-door, private question and answer session where serious infoproduct creators get full details on taking their online business to levels they never thought possible.
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Get the truth about hot selling infoproduct markets, and get ready - you will be shocked!
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes STOP! Learn why running your affiliate program may end up to be your biggest mistake!

Follow Our Panel of Pro's As They UNVEIL Tip After Tip, EXPOSE Lie after Lie...And See How YOU, Too, Can Improve Your Life By Writing A Book and Marketing Information Products Online!

QUESTION:Do you want to know, step-by-step, how the REAL money is being made with how-to books, quietly and with a quality of life that you so badly desire?

This one-of-a-kind event was captured on audio with full text transcript, it will allow you to...

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Know the ULTIMATE technique you can use to create a swarm of interest in your information products! HINT: Hit the same emotion that draws MILLIONS of viewers to reality TV shows.
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes MASTER the art and money-generating power of curiosity. Use this one single technique and you will have people literally BEGGING to pay you for your books and ebooks...
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Discover the HOTTEST methods for finding niche markets, discovering want that market wants BADLY and quickly writing books that will sell like WILDFIRE!
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes AVOID what prevents 95% of infoproduct entrepreneur's from ever releasing their own successful products...This is YOUR ticket to success!
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes MAKE MONEY using resell rights - a clear, simple and powerful explanation of 4 reprint rights licensing types that could earn you big cash WITHOUT devalueing your books.

Seriously, are you looking to get your infoproducts in the hands of as many customers as you can in the next 30-days?

I'm going to bet you now how important it is to learn by example. You DON'T want to trust your future to THEORY or SPECULATION - you want to know what REALLY makes a winning infoproduct that sells online like wildfire!

When You Learn From The Pro's,
You Don't Need Any Special Skills!

Listen, I've spent tens of thousands on books about writing a book and marketing information products, spent 8-years helping companies to earn Millions of dollars creating hot selling products, and have personal access to some of the most successful infoproduct publishers of ALL TIME!

Let me be honest - I've NEVER heard anything like this before. NO DOUBT, Creating and Marketing How-To Books Teleseminar is in my top rated list of ALL TIME.

When you get this program, and hear the AMAZING, real-world tips, techniques and strategies, I believe you will agree that the Write and Market Your Own How-To Books is incredibly valuable to any serious online entrepreneur.

Here's what our customers find MOST EXCITING...
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes You'll learn the importance of "Message To Market Match" and how to QUICKLY locate and MASTER one niche after another when writing a book.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes How to quickly and effectively turn "average" affiliates into SUPER-SELLING sales channels that constantly put YOUR book in front of Millions of prospective customers

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes What sales can you expect to make with your first how-to book - and how you can turn that into a LIFETIME of passive income!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Discover what you REALLY need to know about securing your ebook from would-be thiefs online!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Find out FIRST-HAND advice from the Pro's on HOT market trends, latest infoproduct formats, and where the TRUE opportunities lie. NOTE: These Pro's each charge $250/hr or more to give away these secrets!!

That's just the beginning. You'll find hundreds of other tips, techniques and strategies expert information product developers are using RIGHT NOW to earn BIG Profits by writing books, special reports, and recording audios and videos!

STOP! wondering what it takes to make money writing books and marketing your own income-generating infoproducts - you can now be CERTAIN about how it REALLY is being done.

The Shocking Truth: 99% Of Advice On Writing
A Book Is Pure Garbage! Learn From The Best

Let me be CLEAR with you...

After 8-years creating millions of dollars of products, I didn't want to be involved in any seminar, much less a seminar on writing books that sell...

UNLESS I could be involved with the TOP information product writers in the world. Like you, I don't have time or patience to hear about THEORY or what MIGHT work!

When I found out the experts included in this teleseminar were among the top 1% of "How-To" book writers and infoproduct marketers on the internet today, I new this would be incredibly valuable.

Do you understand what that means?

These EXPERT infoproduct writers have found the HOT MARKETS, have discovered how to QUICKLY write a book, and how to build their own infoproduct EMPIRE - years of getting to the bottom of EXACTLY what makes one infoproduct sell like WILDFIRE, when another won't.

Listen, it's possible to learn many of these tips, techniques and strategies -- given enough time, energy and money...BUT WHY BOTHER!

If you could start making money with your own profit-pulling infoproducts within days, wouldn't you JUMP at that opportunity?

That way...

  • You can SLASH your writing time to days from months
  • You can EASILY locate RED-HOT markets, knowing exactly what people want to spend money on BADLY!
  • You get to hear "INSIDER" advice on where to make the most money in today's infoproduct market
  • You benefit from over 10-years of combined experience, tens of thousands in education and save months - even years - of learning how to master the art of writing a book, packaging and marketing information for profit.

What Others Have To Say About
This Incredible Event!

Don't just take my word for it. Here is just a sampling of what people who have used "Create And Market Income-Generating How-To Books..."


This teleseminar on how to create your own infoproducts turned out to be the perfect companion to your Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package ebook.

This teleseminar was like a private invitation backstage to a show that happens everyday on the internet. A show where the top gurus sell tons of ebooks and infoproducts...And boy was I enlightened!

Well as you know, your ebook and this perfect companion teleseminar on creating infoproducts are two hallmark products that have helped get me started writing a book. Now I am selling my own profitable ebook titled 'Order Button Triggers' online. I made the transition because your products guided me to the finish line. If anyone wants to be in the infoproduct business, this is the right place to be. Grab this one!... It's something us marketers can refer to for a long time while we build our online business. This is one of the few best teleseminars on this hot topic that I have ever heard. "

Michael Nicholas

As If This Isn't Enough!
There's Much More...

What, you ask, is the liklihood that YOU can follow in the footsteps of these very successful infoproduct writers?

You really can apply these principles IMMEDIATELY and develop your own income-generating infoproducts within weeks.

How can I say that?

Just to demonstrate that it REALLY can be done - I decided to sit down with someone who has just finished writing a book - their very first killer infoproduct, and have him tell you EXACTLY how he did it.

Who is he?

You'll find out by downloading this incredible bonus interview when you decide to reward yourself with the "How To Create and Market How-To Infoproducts Teleseminar"

I CAN tell you that he developed the product in a matter of weeks, and that it sells for a whopping $97 - that he had NO previous writing experience, NO online product development experience - in fact - his past is as a music composer (and NO, that's NOT his topic this time around).

Here's just a sampling of what you'll hear from this MYSTERY product developer:

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes How he LOCATED a gap in his target market and QUICKLY jumped on that gap writing a book that's now selling like crazy!
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Super JV techniques he used to GAIN COOPERATION of leading experts in his field at a whopping 80% success rate
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Find out EXACTLY what steps this newbie infoproduct writer used to write a book including video capture and audio technology.
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Find out WHAT STOPPED this infoproduct developer in his tracks for a year...AND How he overcame this limitation to achieve incredible success.
redchk.gif - 997 Bytes Get his INSIDE SECRETS to lining up one GIANT endorsement after another in the first few weeks of your product launch. It cost him NOTHING but a few minutes of time.

That's just a taste!

You get over 40-minutes of advanced, in-depth information on how a first-timer quickly and easily packaged his knowledge for profit - including his TOP advice for you on what TO DO and what TO AVOID

Infoproduct writers with this knowledge can, and do charge anywhere from $500 to $2000 an hour to brainstorm, develop and test ideas for their clients.

I know - I've paid that much...and more. It's worth it to get your own best-selling infoproduct because it literally opens up wealth opportunities beyond your wildest dreams!

So, if you would rather spend the extra money to hire Tony Blake, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver or Corey Rudl, then that would be a good solution too. But why not save yourself thousands of dollars and discover the same secrets they have taken years to learn!

How To Access This Incredible Information on Writing A Book
And Begin Downloading, Having It In Your Hands In Minutes!!

Now I've already told you this information can SAVE you months of time, THOUSANDS of dollars in mistakes and research, and GIVE YOU the power to create one profit-producing infoproduct after another - for as long as you want!

What I haven't told that I made just about EVERY mistake in the book when I got started -- and I wouldn't wish those experiences on anyone... Especially YOU!

So, I worked hard putting together a package at a TINY FRACTION of what this information is actually worth.

Lisen UP! You will pay $250/hour OR MORE to get one-quarter of the advice given in this package - I know because I'VE DONE IT!

This powerful package will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Your success is my measuring stick! If you don't get results, then I'm NOT HAPPY!

That's why I've bundled Hundreds of Dollars
in Expert Knowledge into this package for $47

Here's what I mean...

How To Create and Market How-To Infoproducts - Teleseminar

(Valued At Cool $47)

Considering writing a book, ebook, report, course, audios or videos? You REALLY can create your own hot selling infoproducts in days -- and NOW you can hear exactly HOW TO DO IT RIGHT from 5 Proven Expert Infoproduct Developers.

You'll get a WHOPPING 110 Minutes of AMAZING, proven tips, techniques, strategies and roadmaps that will help you Find Hot Selling Markets, Quickly Write A Book, Self-Publish For Profit, Know What Infoproduct Formats Earn the Biggest Profits, Market on a Shoestring Budget and Leverage the HOTTEST marketing techniques available TODAY on the internet.

TRUSTED product development experts "Spilled Their Guts" on every topic imagineable -- all to get YOU started FAST!

Interview with Mr. X - 40 Minutes With a Startup How-To Book Writer Who Went From Nothing To Success Fast!

(Hot Value At - $37)

You may be skeptical about ANYONE being able to package their knowledge for profit. That's understandable - I was too.

Hearing it from me and 4 other EXPERTS may seem artificial - though I can assure you that each one of these super product developers earns thousands from each product they develop.

OK, let's hear from someone who went from NOTHING to SUCCESS the very first time!

For a limited time, get this 40-minute interview with Mystery Guest - Mr."X", hear how he went from being a music composer to writing a book he now sells for $97 in no time flat!

It's INSPIRING, It's ENTICING, It's INCREDIBLE, and Best of All, It give you the exact steps he's taken for you to follow in his footsteps.

How To Create And Market How-To Infoproducts - Teleseminar Transcripts

(Valued At $17)

Isn't it GREAT when you hear a fast-paced, information packed and exciting audio interview that you can continue to listen to again and again?

If you are like me though, I DEMAND that a written transcript be available - something I can print out, mark it up, and highlight the best tips, techniques and strategies.

You will be happy to know that you have a full, detailed and easy-to-read transcript of the entire power-packed teleseminar - you can download it immediately after ordering.

How-To Book Writing & Marketing Checklist!

(Valuded At Cool $27)

Ever wonder what the EXACT steps are that the PRO'S use to write a book, create one best-selling infoproduct after another and market them better than any bookseller ever could imagine?

Wouldn't it be GREAT to see every single step you will need to take in order to get from concept through generating orders all on ONE, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND, SIMPLE, Checklist?

You can use it over and over again, to generate one income-producing how-to product after another. Taken from actual product launch experiences - you'll never have to wonder HOW IT'S DONE again.

Best of don't have to read a 100 page eBook to get this information - it's all on one page for you to use immediately.

Order Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses.

If you order today - you will get this package - A Value At $128 for the LIMITED TIME ONLY price of just $37!

So there it is...You get to strip away the BULL and get to the bottom of what it takes to write a book and market it for massive profit - including 3 EXTRA SPECIAL bonuses you WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!



ONLY $67 $37

Now, isn't that a terrific deal? You can EASILY make this back on your very first infoproduct or two - and with this have the potential to earn so much more, upgrade your lifestyle and break free of whatever is holding you back in life!

Order the "How To Create and Market Infoproducts Teleseminar" RIGHT NOW for $37 and get the 3 extra special bonuses immediately.

If you are serious about creating and marketing your infoproducts - then this information is FOR YOU!

If you aren't quite sure yet - then this information will give you enough information to, ONCE AND FOR ALL decide if this is what you want to do - if you can make your dreams come true by creating your infoproducts. Either way - YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION.


Just a short note. I have read alot of ebooks, but I have never read anything so thorough and complete as your checklist. It is absolutely awesome. Anyone can do it after reading that. You make it so easy...I will definitely be using it as my guide. You are a real blessing."

Thanks so much,
Jerry DeCouto
Wholesale Ad Secrets


It's simple. Get the package. Try it out. Listen to the insights, tips, techniques and strategies. See for yourself what they can do for you. If you are not totally blown away by what you get, then within 90 days of purchase, I'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked! But I'm sure once you start using the material, you will be so RELIEVED and HAPPY that you finally found this incredible information.

Take action RIGHT NOW. Within minutes you'll be on your way to writing your own hot, money-making infoproducts. Don't delay. This special introductory price is for a limited time only. So order now!


Jeff Smith

P.S.: How about something EXTRA. I already mentioned that you have a full 90-day, no questions asked guarantee if you should want a complete refund (I'm quite sure you won't), but you also get to KEEP the 3 BONUSES worth over $80 forever! So ORDER NOW!

ORDER NOW. Take Advantage of This
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ccards.gif - 4185 Bytes

P.S.S. One more thing. You will find some resources out there on writing books, self-publishing and creating profit-generating information products - this one's different. You'll get to LISTEN IN on a private, EXCLUSIVE consultation with 5 of the Leading Product Development Experts on the net today. Just the TRUE facts from product development TOP GUNS - now tell me, what is that worth to you?

Act NOW! You know that having your own product is THE ANSWER to creating your own personal fortune. Information sells. Information is hot. Information products create fortunes.

P.S.S.S If you have still not decided to take advantage of this incredible offer, then maybe you are concerned that you won't get what you purchased. Be ASSURED, if you are not 110% satisfied with this information, it will be EASY to get your money back. For over 2-years online, and 8-years in business my reputation is SOLID and I don't intend to lose all of that now. You can TRUST me to always look out for YOUR best interest. So - you REALLY have nothing to lose by ORDERING NOW, that's the way it SHOULD be.

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